Bounce houses can spice up any party, brighten any day, and chase away even the worst case of summer boredom, but many people don’t consider one of their unnoticed benefit; their ability to give your kids the exercise they need! Disguised in layers of fun, bounce houses allow your child to become even more active and healthy. Not convinced? Here are some ways to make your kids healthier with bounce houses.

  1. Make an obstacle course with your bounce house
    • Many of our bounce houses contain many features like slides, ladders, and bouncing area. Make a circuit within your bounce house- for example, kids can run around the bounce house once, jump 15 times inside, climb the ladder, and slide down the the slide. Make it into a competition and your children will be getting healthy entertainment for hours on end!


  2. Organize bounce house basketball
    • Nearly all of our items with bouncing area feature an inflatable basketball hoop on one of the walls- grab some plastic balls and turn your bounce house into an inflatable basketball court!


  3. Simply inflate a bounce house
    • No matter what the item is- bounce house, water slide, or something in between- bounce houses are guaranteed to give your child exercise. Jumping, climbing, and sliding gives a great opportunity for physical activity that your kids won’t even complain about!