A pioneer of the Inflatable bounce house, our Bounceland™ brand has the backing of over 18 years of research and development. From product design to quality control, we have perfected every step to be sure to deliver the highest quality products to our consumers.

Over the years, we have seen similar products in the free marketplace, such as Amazon.com, Walmart.com and Jet.com.  When you choose to purchase an inflatable bounce house or water slide, what do you pay attention to? Price? Quality? Customer service?

The answer is all of the above. Price is important, but not everything. There has been a flood of cheap bounce houses in recent years. Most of these inflatable bounce houses come out of small factories in China. Taking advantage of easy seller platforms like Amazon, they are shipped over and stored in Amazon’s fulfillment center. These products have poor workmanship and may contain materials that have not been regulated by Children Products regulations. Not having an office here, they lack customer service to take care of any of your questions or issues.

When you invest on a product, you want to make sure it is durable and will last, and that it is safe for your children. Therefore, price is not the only criteria you should focus on. When you are searching for a good product, look for a brand name that has passed all high quality and safety regulations, and has a history of satisfied consumers.

The Bounceland™ brand name has been on the market not only nation-wide but world-wide for over 18 years. It has thousands of customer reviews. This is a good starting point to start looking for your bounce house and water slides.

Beware of imitations of Bounceland products that are on the market.

Please feel free to contact our experienced customer service at 1-866-528-5222  for any question. Check out our web site for product information at www.bouncelandfun.com and many youtube videos under the keyword ”bounceland”.

For compact size bounce house, here are the recommendations:

Bounce House – Castle Bounce N’ Slide w/hoop

Bounce House – Jump and Splash Adventure Bounce House

Bounce House – Wizard Magic Bouncer

For larger bounce house for residential party, here are the recommendations:

Bounce House – Party Castle Bounce House

Bounce House – Obstacle Pro-Racer

Bounce house – Royal Palace Bounce House with Slide