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Bounce House  - Jungle with Slide
Model Number : 9964C

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Customer Reviews

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Great bounce house ( Review by Mailkirsten )
Love this bounce house. Like other reviewers I did a lot of research before I purchased. The 500 pound weight limit for a residential unit is great. I also agree a slide is a MUST. And the bigger the slide the better. We purchased for our son's 5th birthday party. We had up to 6 or 7 kids in it at a time with no problem. There were even some older 7 and 10 year old kids that went in it with room to spare. Their favorite activity was seeing if they could jump from the top of the slide to the bottom. Even with hundreds of pounds jumping and slamming into it over and over there were no issues.

Love the included cover for sun protection or keeping leaving from blowing in.

The bounce house and motor do fit into the included storage bag. It's easy to fold and roll up, just like a HUGE sleeping bag. The rolled up unit in the storage bag is BIG so you need some place to store it. The storage bag is roughly the size of my washing machine. And it's HEAVY, but it is possible to lift it.

We did buy a big tarp to set it up on to keep it clean and give the kids somewhere to take their shoes off.

All in all, great investment. With 3 kids ages 5 and under we figure we'll get plenty of use out of it. ()
AMAZING! ( Review by Candie )
The previous reviews about this bounce house could not be more exact. We move often and purchased the bouncer to replace a stationary swing set. It is perfect. I am able to set it up alone without my husband in about 15 minutes and take down in about the same amount of time. We store it in a tote with wheels so it is easier to handle because it is a little heavy. My children are 1 & 2 years old and love it. We have years of fun ahead of us. Someone posted about making sure to buy a bounce house with a slide and they were CORRECT....the kids spend 80% of the time on the slide than in the bounce portion. We highly recommend this product. ()
great for kid parties/bbqs/etc! ( Review by Jes )
I bought this to keep the kids busy and out of my house (hoping for most of the time) and it worked like a charm! I was afraid it wouldn't be big enough or durable enough as compared to what I can rent... it was fantastic!! my 4 yr old daughter loved it!! great fun and great exercise for the kids while the adults can sit back and watch.

i bought 2 bags of balls and threw in for extra fun. kids loved it! it's easy to set up and easy to put away, in a matter of minutes. already used it three times this september so well worth the cost! have had no leaks or any punctures. older kids have to be careful not to lean on the wall but otherwise they enjoyed it too. had about five 4-8 yr olds running in and out and all around with no problems.

Bounceland was responsive to emails and boucehouse arrived faster than expected... thank you, Bounceland!! ()
Kids love this jump house ( Review by E. Ambrogio )
We have four young kids, ages 2 to 7. They just love this jump house. It goes up quickly and isn't too bad to put away (can be done with one person, but much easier with two). It takes a while to get all the air out and roll it up, but we have never had trouble getting it back in the bag - maybe 15 minutes tops, start to finish. The jumping portion is big enough for four or more kids. We have used it for birthday parties and playdates. They especially love the slide which they use for all kinds of uses. The fabric is not as 'rubbery' as the professional ones - it is more like a thick fabric. I think it is much more comfortable against skin than the big ones. The house seems very durable and the fan is not too loud. I'm sure we will be using this for years. ()
Mom who searched forever & found! ( Review by Analytical Family )
This was one of the best investments in toys/games I've made! My kids love it, as do all children who visit!

When I purchased this bouncehouse I searched for about 6 weeks. I tried to imagine how big it was & would my kids have enough bounce space, also what would be the most fun for them.

Here's what I reccommend-

- A slide is a must! They like to bounce but what keeps them going is the slide & the climbing. The longer the better!

- I bought the Jungle Bounce house from Bounceland & there is plenty of bounce space for 4-5 kids 5 & under, or 3-4 kids 6 or over.

- Look for larger weight limits- this unit has a 100lb weight limit/ child 500 for the unit which allows my kids older cousins/friends to play, I've had up to 11 year olds play

-Bounceland stood behind their product! - we had a seam bust & although the bounce house still operated, bounceland sent another & gave a UPS label for return of the damaged one

- This unit fits in a 2 car garage with a single door. With double doors the top will hit the rails. This is a nice feature for colder/wet weather!

- Put your bouncehouse away- don't leave it outside! We package up our house after each use & store it properly which is why it looks brand new a year later

- Buy a tarp to put underneath it & use every time! This keeps the unit clean & free of damage! ()

5 Item(s)

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