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Bounce House  - Playstation wet or dry combo
Model Number : 9253

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Fun for the kids! ( Review by Matthew )
This item is fun with bubbles! My son has a blast with his "jumpie". I'm a little big for it. See ()
A good way for the kids to beat the heat. ( Review by M. D. Mosher )
Since the wife won't let me install a pool (spoilsport), this seemed like an inexpensive compromise. It got hot fast here in NC, so the only way to get the kids to play outside was if it involved water. After reading a few reviews got this bounce house/water slide combo. I liked that the pictures on the page matched the product (I hate the ones where they photoshop in a dozen children in to make the product look huge when in reality three would be a crowd). There's room for 4 to 5 kids to play at once; however there's no "pool" area, only a few inches of water at the bottom of the slide. But if you wanted a pool you would have gotten one, right?

So far it's holding up pretty well. Takes about 5 minutes to set up (recommend you inflate it first before putting in the stakes). It doesn't take much water pressure to get the thing wet enough to play in, which is good for drought areas. Construction is about what you'd expect; with care this thing could last for years. Taking it down takes a bit longer. Don't put it away wet; dump the water from the bottom of the slide and leave the whole thing up a few hours with the fan on to dry off. The included storage bag is more than big enough, so you don't have to be an origami expert to get the whole thing folded up and put away.

But this thing is definitely for the kiddies. Wife tried to climb the slide and the whole thing just sorta folded in, and she's a petite woman. But as long as your kids are under 80 pounds or so, they should have a blast. ()
Arrived the next day, super fun ( Review by Mollie )
After ordering this on a Sunday, it came on Monday afternoon! We were very happy. This is just perfect for my kids, my 4 1/2 year old and all the neighbors (age 3 to 9) love it. I bought it because it said wet or dry, and here in Iowa we only have about 3 months out of the year warm enough for the "wet" part. We blew it up right away, and we were playing on it 10 minutes after UPS dropped it off. It was a hot day so we turned the water on right away. Super fun slide. The slide is the best part. It comes with colored balls, which I just put at the bottom of the slide. The kids love holding the yellow squirt gun and spraying the kids would come down the slide. I am 130 lbs and can get in with my toddler just fine. I can even bounce if I want. Super easy to dry and put away. Like everyone says, take the time to set it out to dry (and not just on wet grass). The tote bag is nice and big so you don't have to have it "just so" to put it away.
This also comes with a tarp to put over the slide for when it is in "dry" mode. Nice so they don't get burns going down it dry. I know it is not going to be as fun without water, but better than nothing to do on a cold fall day.
I think this is perfect for ages 2-6. If your kids are already 7 or older, look for a bigger one. Also, the neighbor man got in with his toddler, he is about 180, and it did sink a tiny bit. Not a problem, but I probably should have made him get out :) Have fun! ()
Fantastic Value, Great Fun ( Review by Christy )
We have owned this bounce house for 3 months now and have been very happy with it. It is very well made and sturdy. It is even strong enough for mommy to bounce and climb on (130 lbs), but not daddy (180 lbs). Our 2 year old has a GREAT time in it. We normally keep it inside and inflate it a few times a week. It can keep her occupied for hours at a time, which in itself is a miracle. It is also a big hit with the neighborhood children. On hot days we set it up in our front yard with the water hooked up to the waterslide and the children flock to it. We searched for a long time for a bounce house that has everything we wanted--ballpit, climbing, and waterslide--and this is the only thing we found that fits the bill. This is worth every penny and I imagine we'll be using it for years. ()
Great bounce house! ( Review by Jeff Abbott )
We bought this bounce house for our son's 5th birthday - it was a big hit with him, his friends and his two brothers! With three boys, it's getting well-used and holding up great! We haven't tried it with water yet, but are looking forward to it being a great summer toy (if we can just keep all the neighborhood kids from getting on it all at once :) We had one stocky neighborhood boy who weighed the 100 lb. limit get in, and he could bounce ok, but struggled a little to get up onto the slide. He got down the slide fine, but I'd say the weight limit (100 lb individual and 400 lb total) is about right for using the slide. As a 140 lb adult, I could easily navigate the bounce part to help the smaller children if needed.
It was also very easy to put up. The flap entrance to the bounce part has velcro to close, so I don't know why some reviewers thought it was unsafe and kids would fall out. The entrances are no different than any commercial bounce house. What I loved was how easy it was to take down. I can do it single-handed in 10 minutes: I followed the instructions for folding it and rolling it up like a sleeping bag, then put it in the large handled case provided. The case is large, so it's not a battle to get it into a tight-fitting case. Very easy! ()
Had this for 3 years and still going strong! ( Review by Bernard Lenteric )
Bought this bouncy castle and slide 3 years ago because you can use it as a dry bouncy castle but also a wet slide with mini pool and water gun.
Very satisfied. It is made of very sturdy materials.
In order to make it last, one must make sure to put it on grass/avoid sharp rocks/objects. Also important to dry the castle before storing it to avoid mold.
Make sure to connect the water hose on the thread correctly and do not kink the tubes and the water spray and water gun will last a long time.
As for the negative reviews, I guess people do not take good care or correctly use this product.
Also this product is not intended for 2 year olds so don't complain. It is for 3-11 years olds.
My children and cousins play it all the time at the same time. That is 6 kids aged 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. No problem at all!
I confessed that I tried it and I am a 6'3" 200 pounds guy and this castle did not break a sweat. It is really sturdy.
The blower is very good quality and easy to connect.
Buy it! You will not be disappointed. ()

6 Item(s)

per page

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