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Bounce house - a Royal Palace Bounce House with Slide

Bounce house - a Royal Palace Bounce House with Slide

Product Review (submitted on November 24, 2015):
My wife wanted a swing set in the back yard for the grandkids. I felt that between the pool and a swing set I wouldn't have much room left for the grass. I also didn't look forward to having to mow and trim around the swing set each week. I thought the bounce house that could be easily set up and taken down would be a great alternative. I had seen other bounce houses at kids parties. The professional ones and the small cheap ones that didn't seem as if they would last through one party let alone a season. This house caught my eye and I figured I would try it.

It turned out to be more than I had hoped for. It is extremely well constructed and will no doubt hold up for many years. It is large. Plenty of room for my four grandkids and large enough to hold several more of their friends. The ease of putting up and taking down makes it wonderful to deal with. The house came with a storage bag but I am not sure I could ever get it to fit in it. At least, I have no intention of even trying. I just fold it up and carry it to a plastic outdoor bin and store it all in there. Setting it up takes just minutes and I mean minutes. The best part is you could set it up wherever you want. I move it around the yard in order to not mess up the grass but also to avoid wet or muddy areas. I can also place it in sunny or shaded areas depending on the weather.

The house is sturdy enough that I am able to crawl my fat butt inside (225 lbs) and jumped up and down on my knees with the kids with no problem. A word of warning though.....I tried to sit on the very end of the slide while watching the kids jump. That will not hold my fat butt, not even close. I sank to the ground so fast and THAT was difficult to get back up from. It holds the kids just fine but I don't think it will hold any adults. The blower is big and attaches easily. It is also fairly quiet. You can hear it but truthfully I never pay it any mind since it is not loud enough that you have to shout or can't hear anybody talking.

The kids love it and it is very sturdy and well made. I have already recommended it to several other grandparents and they also are extremely happy with it. I would buy this again in a heart beat. The other plus is that at the end of the day the kids are worn out and isn't that the goal all grandparents are trying to achieve?