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Bounce house - a Royal Palace Bounce House with Slide

Bounce house - a Royal Palace Bounce House with Slide

Product Review (submitted on November 24, 2015):
We managed to get many days of use out of this already, despite having ordered it in time for a November 6 birthday in New England. It's away for Winter at this point, but the kids begged to use it right up until snow fell. My 4-year-old wears himself out bouncing on it and goes to bed easily on nights after we've had it out for a few hours in the afternoon. I get to sit on the deck with my coffee and chat on the phone while the kids bounce. They definitely need supervision to stay safe but unless the kids get really out of hand (in which case it's time for the whole thing to go away), it's not a stressful level of supervision for me. I'm a 5'0" mom and while I'm strong for my size, it might help others to know that I can haul this thing from my basement and set it up by myself, as well as get it away by myself. It's not a fun chore but it's not a big deal, either. Maybe 5 minutes to set up and 15 to take down, as it does take a little doing to get the air out and roll it up tightly enough to pack it back in the bag, which is thankfully roomy enough not to require a degree in operations research to pack back up. I did also buy a cordless hand vacuum to clean up any grass or leaves the kids drag into it with their socks, as that seems to be the easiest way to keep it clean.