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Bounce House  - Playstation wet or dry combo

Bounce House - Playstation wet or dry combo

Product Review (submitted on November 24, 2015):
Since the wife won't let me install a pool (spoilsport), this seemed like an inexpensive compromise. It got hot fast here in NC, so the only way to get the kids to play outside was if it involved water. After reading a few reviews got this bounce house/water slide combo. I liked that the pictures on the page matched the product (I hate the ones where they photoshop in a dozen children in to make the product look huge when in reality three would be a crowd). There's room for 4 to 5 kids to play at once; however there's no "pool" area, only a few inches of water at the bottom of the slide. But if you wanted a pool you would have gotten one, right?

So far it's holding up pretty well. Takes about 5 minutes to set up (recommend you inflate it first before putting in the stakes). It doesn't take much water pressure to get the thing wet enough to play in, which is good for drought areas. Construction is about what you'd expect; with care this thing could last for years. Taking it down takes a bit longer. Don't put it away wet; dump the water from the bottom of the slide and leave the whole thing up a few hours with the fan on to dry off. The included storage bag is more than big enough, so you don't have to be an origami expert to get the whole thing folded up and put away.

But this thing is definitely for the kiddies. Wife tried to climb the slide and the whole thing just sorta folded in, and she's a petite woman. But as long as your kids are under 80 pounds or so, they should have a blast.